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Configuration Table

concrete batch Plant

A concrete plant, also known as a batch plant or batching plant or a concrete batch Plant, is a device that combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of these inputs include sand, water, aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.), fly ash, potash, and cement. There are two types of concrete plants: Dry mix plants and Wet mix plants. A concrete plant can have a variety of parts and accessories, including: mixers (either tilt-up or horizontal or in some cases both), cement batchers, aggregate batchers, conveyors, radial stackers, aggregate bins, cement bins, heaters, chillers, cement silos, batch plant controls, and dust collectors (to minimize environmental pollution). The center of the concrete batch Plant is the mixer. There are many types of mixer like Tilt, Pan, Planetary, Single Shaft and twin shaft mixer. The twin shaft mixer can ensure an even mixture of concrete and large output, while the tilt mixer offers a consistent mix with much less maintenance labor and cost

haomei concrete batching plant is composed of aggregate storing and weighing system, control system,concrete mixer, cement and power material weighing system, additive weighing system, water weighing system, screw conveyor, cement silo.

Main Configuration Table of HZS90 concrete batch Plant

Item Configuration Specification, model Producing area Qty Unit
1、Proportioning system 
Aggregate bin each bin 13m3 China 4 piece
Aggregate metering bin China 4 piece
Weighing sensor America  4 set
Aggregate output
 belt conveyor
800 mmwidth
(with cleaner)
China 1 piece
Cylinder SI-100-300 TAIWAN  12 piece
Vibrator MVE200/3 Italy  4 piece
Vibrator MVE100/3 Italy  2 piece
Frame China 1 piece
2、Aggregate hoisting system Flat belt 1000mmwidth,18° China 1 piece
Length: about70000mm
Motor 30KW China 1 piece
Axes-mounted reducer ZGY625.90 China 1 piece
Upper and lower support roller China 1 set
Cleaning device China 1 set
Tightening device China 1 set
Machine frame Double walkway China 1 set
Color armor plate casing China 1 set
3、Mixing main engine JS1500Mixing tank body China 1 piece
Reducer 309R2FZ Italy 2 piece
Motor 30KW China 2 piece
Discharge system China 1 set
Lubricating system China 1 set
Shaft end main 
sealing parts
China 1 set
4、Mixing main building Main building 
support leg
China 1 set
Finished receiving hopper China 1 piece
Mixing floor China 1 piece
Metering floor China 1 piece
Transition bin China 1 piece
Cylinder SI-125-200 China 1 piece
Vibrator MVE100/3 Italy WAM 2 piece
Building top China 1 piece
Stair walkway China 1 set
Exterior casing 75mmWarming plate China 1 set
Dust collector system SCM-10 SICOMA 1 set
High pressure cleaning system SL40A China 1 set
5、Water weighing system Water weighing box 450kg China 1 piece
Weighing sensor America  3 piece
Butterfly valve SICOMA 2 piece
Water storage box China 1 piece
Liquid indicator TAIWAN  1 set
Water pump China 2 piece
Pipeline China 1 set
6、Cement metering system Metering bin 900kg China 1 piece
Weighing sensor America  3 piece
Butterfly valve SD300 SICOMA 1 piece
Vibrator MVE60/3 Italy WAM 1 piece
Weighing bin America  3 piece
Butterfly valve SD250 SICOMA 1 piece
Vibrator MVE60/3 Italy  1 piece
7、Additive weighing system Additive weighing box 45kg China 1 piece
Weighing sensor America  1 piece
Butterfly valve GTB671X-10-50 China 3 piece
剂箱Additive box China 2 piece
Liquid indicator China 2 set
Additive pump China 2 piece
Pipeline China 2 set
8、Pneumatic system Air compressor TAIWAN Fusheng 1 piece
Solenoid valve TAIWAN AIRTAC 1 set
Pipeline system TAIWAN AIRTAC 1 set
Air storage CQG-0.1 Yantai 2 piece
9、Electric control system Strong electric cabinet China 1 piece
Weak electric cabinet China 1 piece
Control console China 1 piece
Control room 8m2 China 1 piece
Industrial computer IPC810 EVOC 2 piece
LCD 17” Lenovo 2 piece
Contactor Schneider/ABB 1 set
Circuit breaker Schneider/ABB 1 set
Mini relay APT/OMRON 1 set
UPS TG500 SANTEK 2 piece
Air condition 1.5 Midea 1 piece
Electric control 
assistant component
China 1 set
Monitor SP-14 SUNSPO 2 piece
Camera SP-942 SUNSPO 2 piece
Printer KX-P1121 Panasonic 1 piece
Connecting cable 
and accessory
China 1 set
10 Warm System China 1 set
The following cement silo is also called powder cans, and screw machine is the 
freedom to choose the client to the project, customers can buy don't buy,
  if buy, decide to purchase quantity 
11、Powder supply system
(User choice)
Cement screw conveyor φ273 China set
Powder pot 100T China set
Products picture

HZS180 concrete batch Plant

Belt Type concrete batch Plant

Mobile concrete batch Plant

Main components
Mixing main engine Concrete mixer

Mixing main engine Concrete mixer

Proportioning system-Batcher

Proportioning system-Batcher

Cement silo

concrete batch Plant for Cement silo

Electric control system-ndustrial computer

Electric control system-ndustrial computer

Note to choose and buy
1 performance grade of construction concrete;

So choose what kind of Batching Plant. If the water conservancy project, must choose the forced mixing machine. In addition, should also be based on the type of material selection can be mixed concrete batch Plant and storage bin.

Mixing tank body mixed concrete batch Plant

2 the task of the construction of concrete and the duration of the task;

With these two parameters to select the concrete batch Plant with a large number of specifications. The total amount of concrete is M; the number of concrete pouring days is T; the number of working hours per day is H; the utilization coefficient is K, then we should choose the mixing station's specification X=M/ (T*H*K), where K is 0.7-0.9. In the selection of finished concrete transport situation. Such as: is a direct pumping or transport vehicles. The volume of transport vehicles is also an important basis to determine the type of mixing station.

construction environment and construction object;

In the choice of the purchase of concrete mixing Plant, should fully consider the construction of the object and the influence of the environment, so as to ensure the smooth construction and construction quality. In the following case we suggest you had better prepared against want.

concrete mixer truck

If the concrete pouring demand is large enough, and there is no alternative concrete batch Plant nearby, it is suggested to choose two concrete batch Plants with the small capacity.

If the transportation condition of construction site is not convenient and it usually takes a lot of time for maintenance personnel on the path, customers had better choose two small scale concrete batch Plants with the same specification or get other conditions ready enough to ensure the smooth construction progress.

If the construction sites are scattered and the distance between each other is not very far, so that the transportation radius of concrete pump truck does not exceed half an hour’ drive and the transportation time of tilting cart is within 10 minutes, you had better choose a concentrated concrete batch Plant to improve its use ratio and construction economic benefit.

4 operator quality;

In general, the structure of small batching plant is relatively simple and so is its control system. Therefore, there are fewer requirements on operation and maintenance personnel; while the requirements of the large concrete batch Plant with complicated structure and high automation degree will be higher.

components of concrete batch Plant

Control console of concrete batch Plant

5 preparation selection;

Generally speaking, manufacturers have mature production configurations, such as specification, quantity, variety, etc. You can also put forward your special requirements when choosing a suitable concrete batch Plant.